What is Retail Analytics?

Retail analysis is a critical tool for businesses looking to stay ahead of their competition in today’s fast-paced retail environment. Retailers need to be able to analyse data and gather relevant information to make better business decisions about their operations and target performance efforts. This can involve analysing the buying patterns of customers, examining sales trends over time, or assessing the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns. Through careful analysis of retail analytics, businesses can leverage their existing datasets to gain strategic advantages over their competitors, identify new market opportunities, and make more informed decisions about pricing and inventory management goals. Ultimately, by leveraging the power of retail analytics effectively, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and succeed in today’s constantly evolving retail landscape.

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Ad-hoc and ongoing retail data analysis insight reports

Our Retail Market analysis reports will provide a total measurement package that will cover all retailer channels and sectors. It will also help you move forward with your effective retail business strategy. Stay ahead of market changes, save time and improve your profitability by choosing Assosia for your retail market analysis needs. We will support you in several ways, providing complete insight and data analysis into your business:

  • Regular, full retail market insights across all your key product categories. These will be captured daily and will be from both in-store activities and online trawling
  • Our retail analytic experts will analyse Epos and in-store promotional data to measure the effectiveness of planned in-store activities. This will allow you to see where the greatest ROI can be achieved and help you do better for your business. Moving forward, you can devise an effective strategy to keep improving
  • We will provide promotional activity calendars for both your brands and those of your key competitors, helping you stay ahead of the competition
  • Our retail market analysis of retailing can show which stores are under-performing, helping you target these for additional support, which will in turn maximise budgets whilst providing the greatest ROI
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Additional Values

Our highly experienced field teams are well versed in capturing consumer and retail analysis data across thousands of stores weekly. Depending on your specific research requirements they can capture several pieces of important, additional retail analytics data, including:

  • Product and range positioning
  • On-shelf product availability
  • Sales vs space studies
  • Pack weight and ingredient changes
  • Capturing hierarchies down to SKU level
  • Quality photographs showing you the full range of in-store and any in-store activities
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly retail data analysis reports
Measuring performance


Our clients have the flexibility to make changes throughout a project should the focus of activity change. This enables you to have comprehensive control over your project and make necessary adjustments if unexpected changes should take place or additional information is required.

  • Update and change instructions to the team regularly
  • Implement an ongoing or ad-hoc programme
  • Stores reviewed and changed if required, based on sales data and compliance to campaigns
  • Ability to revise and update product list
  • Option to include additional categories if necessary
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Retail market insights delivered in structured reports

Our experienced account managers will guide you on how best to access and view your data, with the capability to adapt our delivery methods to match any internal requirements. This again gives you flexibility and control over the project and ensures that all needs are catered for.

  • Secure and easy online access to data, reports and photographs
  • Broad reporting features, including current price and promotional tables by retailer and sub-category and historical timeline data
  • Reporting and photographs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Our data validation checks will give you peace of mind about the accuracy of the information supplied.
  • Reports specifically tailored to meet your exact retail business requirements
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Photographs allow you to build a full in-store picture

High quality photographs are taken during each visit, allowing you to build the full in-store picture.

  • Shows full range in-store
  • Individual sku detail
  • Competitor promotional activity
  • New Product Launches
  • Positioning of products in-store
  • Availability of products on shelf
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Working with Assosia?

It’s easy – simply talk to us about which retail channels and sectors you are interested in and we will implement a total retail monitoring programme specifically for you.

  • The dedicated programme can be up and running in as little as 1-2 weeks from the agreed initial brief
  • Ability to meet challenges and maximise potential opportunities when they arise
  • Reports and alerts tailored to meet your specific retail business needs
  • Insight available for all retail channels, including major multiples, discounters, convenience, cash & carry and independents
  • Accurate, robust and on-time retail market analysis data/reports
  • Advice and recommendations based on our experience
  • We keep abreast of everything you need to know which is affecting your business sector
  • We work in partnership with you to achieve your retail business goals
  • Free up your internal resources today! Reduce time spent creating or interpreting your own report
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