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Dani Hill

Junior Account Manager

I am a member of the global team, supporting the trade sampling and testing program account managers, as well as daily responsibility for price & promotion validation.

Emily Dervish

Senior Account Manager - Global Product Sampling, Procurement and Testing

I am responsible for the overall management of the global purchasing and testing programmes for a number of blue-chip clients, as well as managing budgets & complex shipments.

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Jasmine Wright

Account Manager - Global Product Sampling, Procurement and Testing

I am responsible for the day-to-day running of the purchasing and testing programmes, liaising with our global field team and keeping clients updated on the progress of their projects.

Lauren Day

Account Manager - UK Team

Working as an account manager I speak to the field teams on a daily basis regarding projects, allocating jobs and reporting data to key clients.

Rebecca Swan

Account Manager - UK Team

My role includes regularly liaising with the UK field team, allocating and assisting with ad hoc projects, translations for and support with projects in Germany as well as being the main point of contact for key clients.

Ahsanul Alam

IT Developer

Development and Engineering of powerful data driver applications.

Simon Tapsell

Finance Manager

I am responsible for client invoicing, payments to our global field teams and day to day management of the accounts.

Robert Davis

Director - Finance & IT

Danny Davis

Senior Account Manager - Global Trade Sampling, Testing, Retail Auditing and UK Cinema Compliance

I am responsible for the Global Retail Auditing teams and the UK Cinema advertising compliance audits for key client accounts.

Michelle Miller

Account Director - UK Client Director

I am responsible for client contact on various accounts, as well as the overall integrity of the data and reporting we provide. I also manage the UK account manager team.

Louise Savill

Account Manager - UK Team

I am responsible for managing our global field teams. Primary responsibilities include ensuring the accuracy and integrity of thousands of lines of data captured in-store on a daily basis.

Carl Claxton

Head of IT Development

Leads the in-house development team to architect and develop solutions to harness the power of Assosia’s data

Kay Staniland


Our clients and their products are our passion. My primary role is to help motivate and innovate, whilst continuing to deliver a first class service to all our clients.

Gemma Ing

Client Development and Insight Manager - Global

I am responsible for new client contracts and existing client relationship building. With the account managers and Directors, I help develop and design new services and subscriptions.

Philip Camfield

IT Developer

Working closely with the Lead Developer and Head of IT keeping Assosia at the forefront of technology.

Jolie Smith

Managing Director

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