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Pricing Tool for Retailers, Manufacturers & Suppliers

Our online price tracking platform gives you access to ONLINE and IN-STORE data.
We provide powerful insight tracking and retail research to give our clients a competitive edge in their market. We will keep you connected, allowing you to retain a proactive response to market trends.

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Pricing Tool
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Product Pricing & Insights
from One Online Platform

Our intuitive online platform tracks pricing data and keeps your business competitive, driving commercial growth.

  • Daily update of all online data
  • In-store/offline manufacturer, supplier,
    and retail analysis uploaded on one platform
  • Monitors all types of campaigns
  • Real-time insight across
    categories, ranges, and brands
  • Manage your daily email alert criteria
    and scheduled reports direct to your inbox
  • Immediate access to price analytics
promotion & pricing tools for marketing management

Optimise for Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Assosia’s online pricing tool offers complete visibility in product matching, past promotions and daily price moves. With the help of commercial & buying teams we give insight into store and online activity across competitors from all angles.

  • Customise your price and promotion strategies
  • In-store/offline manufacturer, supplier,
    and retail analysis uploaded on one platform
  • Monitors all types of campaigns
price and promotion tracking

Price Analysis & Promotional Reports

Direct access to a variety of reports and market analysis giving you promotional and pricing tools to analyse marketing effectiveness.

  • Immediate access to price & promotion analytics
  • New Product Insights (Reports & Alerts)
  • Online Price, Promotion and Gap Analytics
  • Online Change Summary
  • Sales Calendar
  • Customer Behaviour Insights
  • Average Price
  • Stable Prices
  • Price Index

Flexible Pricing Practices

Our platform ensures you meet your requirements by offering the flexibility needed in some areas of promotion & pricing tools which include:

  • Setting up your own delisting rule for promotion effectiveness
  • Giving the flexibility to customise reports and hierarchies
  • Flexible approach to your pricing process
  • Option to customise your product matching criteria
true incremental sales and trade promotions

Latest Manufacturing,
Supplier and Retail insights

When we say omnichannel, we mean it. You can access 900k+ lines of online data daily and over 100k lines of in-store data weekly.

  • Updated daily so that all the information is efficient
    and provides precise insight
  • Cutting-edge Insights on market segmentation and market conditions assist your business needs
  • The ability to analyse gaps that might cause a disruptive pricing approach
  • Gain more insights into competitors’ prices to set the best price and stay competitive
Heinz beans price tool

Price Optimisation & Management

An invaluable report that will give you all the information you require, right down to the SKU level.

  • Download the reports in various layouts,
    review them as a summary and customise them
  • Access full product details instantly (images, nutrition, ingredients, weights, pack sizes, etc.)
  • Get replies within 1–2 hours with a dedicated
    account management team

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Promotion Calendar

Plan your promotional activities and analyse prior campaign results with our Promotion Calendar.

  • View all promotions across your category as a calendar
  • Monitor competitive data at the same time as yours
  • Access details: promotion depth, start & end date,
    % savings, promotional mechanic, etc.
  • Run comparison reports with the date range option available (for example, year-on-year & month-on-month)
  • Track market trends by category, brand and SKU levels
Cow & Gate price tool

Change Summary

Run our Change Summary Report and keep track of your categories and ranges.

  • Multiple departments benefit from our change summary
    report (For example, sales teams, marketing, commercial and R&D)
  • Monitor every change by category, range, and SKU level
    during any period
  • See new products launch and detailed changes

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Sales & Promotion analytics

Online Gap Analysis

Track any gaps that have a potential impact & see which opportunities are available for successful promotions & price optimisation.

  • View the report at any time across all retailers,
    suppliers and manufacturers
  • Get actionable insights
  • Dig deeper into the SKU details
  • Effortlessly monitor profit margins and track product promotions
  • Access daily Insights
Online Promotion

Tailored Dynamic Pricing Software

Our online pricing tools ensure a personalised experience to gain insights, create solutions and make a profit.

  • Set up tailored email alerts directly from the platform to track
    any changes
  • Customise export reports to meet your requirements & customer satisfaction
  • Full product matching support and management are involved
    as little or as much as you prefer
  • We help you to create any product lists and search criteria

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How do I subscribe to the
Online Price & Promotion Tracking Tool?

We make it easy. Let us know which sector, categories and/or retailers interest you, and we will take care of the rest.

  • Face-to-face meetings or full demonstrations via WebEx are available
  • Discuss your specific requirements
  • Free 7-day trial after the demonstration is completed
  • After subscribing, get instant access to your categories, data, reports and alerts

Contact us now to arrange a full demonstration of our truly omnichannel Online Pricing Tool for retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.

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