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Price & Promotion Tool & Retail Forecasting

Real-Time Data for Strategic Investment Decisions

Real-Time Data
for Strategic Investment Decisions

Assosia is a trusted partner for inflation tracking and economic insights in the investment/financial landscape. Our tool unveils market opportunities and strategic advantages with clarity and precision.

Our robust price & promotion data allows you to dive deep into retail, manufacturers and suppliers pricing & promotion strategies and trends, offering powerful insights. Our data allows consultancy companies within the financial and investment sector to transform data into actionable intelligence, forecasting and support precise pricing and inventory management decisions.

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Tailored Omnichannel Fulfilment

We offer a seamless integration of online data, ensuring that professional services are equipped with real-time insights and analytics.

With over 4.8 million lines of online data at your fingertips, every decision is informed, every strategy is data-driven, and every outcome is optimised.

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Navigate Economic Uncertainties with Confidence

Data to support inflation forecasting and asset management is critical in analysing price & promotion strategies and market trends at retailer, brand and category level, ensuring businesses remain resilient amidst market volatility.

This level of adaptability ensures that businesses can mitigate risks, seize opportunities, and enhance their competitiveness in a dynamic retail landscape, leading to sustained growth and optimised portfolio performance.

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Inflation Tracking Designed to Elevate Performance Management

Leverage Actionable Intelligence with Assosia

Assosia’s demand software utilises crucial data to assist demand planning and guide towards business and investment success in the realm of data-driven decision-making.

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Retail Forecasting for Precision Planning

Inflation forecasting proves essential for securing investments and promoting resilience amidst challenges. Businesses could foresee shifts in prices and consumer purchasing habits by utilising insights from retail analysis, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Our retail analysis tool, rooted in in-depth analytics, empowers companies to harness their data, gaining strategic pricing and inventory management advantages.

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Collaborate and Innovate with Assosia

Assosia specialises in enhancing client engagement by delivering informed insights tailored to meet your requirements.

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Every piece of data is an opportunity, every insight a pathway to success.

We make it easy with effortless selection. Tell us your sectors, categories, and/or retailers, and we handle the rest smoothly.

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