All the insight you need in one platform

Our uniquely designed and intuitive online price and promotion platform enables our clients to keep ahead of the competition and drive commercial growth.

Instant access to various insightful reports:

  • Price and Promotion History
  • Change Summary
  • Gap Analysis
  • Promotional Calendar
  • Average Price
  • Stable Prices
  • New Product Development
  • Price Index

Monitoring your category has never been quicker and easier

We capture over 280,000 lines of online data daily and over 100,000 lines of in-store data weekly.

  • Accessible on any device
  • Subscribe to main categories or any sub-categories
  • Quick access to full product details for each sku, including price, promotion, pack size, nutrition and ingredients to name a few
  • View data in graphs, charts, tabular and Excel formats
  • Plan your in-store activities effectively

Keep ahead of the competition from all angles

Many departments will benefit from using our platform, including Sales & Marketing, R&D, Commercial and Buyers.

  • Customised email alerts
  • Track changes within your categories
  • Monitor gaps across ranges in each store
  • View all NPDs during any period of time
  • Full visibility of product matching


Our clients have the flexibility to make some changes to their platform.

  • Set your delist rule
  • Include additional category levels / hierarchies
  • Option to customise your product matching criteria

Online Price and Promotion Tracking and Analysis

An invaluable report which will give you all the information you need down to sku level.

  • Daily updates
  • Run comparison reports, with the date range option available, including year-on-year and month-on-month.
  • View product images
  • Reports downloadable in various layouts, allowing you to view as a summary and to manipulate the data.
  • Have instant access to full product details, including weight, pack size, nutritional and ingredients information.

Promotion Calendar

This report will help you to plan your promotional activity by retailer and analyse results from previous campaigns.

  • View all promotions across your category in a calendar format.
  • Details include the depth of the promotion, start and end date, % savings and promotional mechanic.
  • Calendar fully downloadable for additional analysis and review.
  • Compare the number of promotions during key periods year on year to help plan your in-store activities.

Gap Analysis

Monitor the gaps in the range and see which opportunities are available to add new lines

  • View gaps in ranges during any time period across all retailers
  • Quickly address the gap opportunities
  • Drill into full details about each sku
  • Easily monitor and track products
  • Never miss an opportunity with daily insight
Gap Analysis

Change Summary

Keep abreast of your categories and ranges by running our Change Summary Report.

  • Various departments will benefit from our change summary report, including marketing, commercial and Research & Development.
  • Track all changes made during any period of time by category, range and sku level.
  • Never miss a new product launch
  • View detailed changes made to each product, including pack images, nutritional and ingredient changes.

You are an individual and not a subscriber

Subscribing to our platform doesn’t mean you are given access then left to your own accord, you will still receive the following –

  • Dedicated account management team
  • Full product matching support and management, you can have as little or as much involvement as you need
  • Send feedback directly from the platform and receive a reply from your account management team within 2-4 hours.
  • Assosia will help you to create any product lists and search criteria’s
  • We’re here to support and help.
Online Promotion

How do I subscribe to the Online Price and Promotion Monitoring Platform?

It’s easy, simply talk to us about which categories and retailers you are interested in, and we will do the rest.

  • Instant access to daily data and reports
  • Free up internal resources
  • Remain competitive across your category
  • Never miss an opportunity
  • Save time and money