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Promotion Tracking for Retailers, Manufacturers & Suppliers

Accurately evaluate and monitor the impact of promotional activities and take advantage of promotional opportunities with Assosia’s promotion tracker. With our omnichannel approach, you can gain valuable insights into promotional trends, both online and in-store.

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Full Stack of Promotional Mechanics Tracked

Assosia continually capture and track all new promotional mechanics and tags, from primary save and multibuy offers to the more complex Loyalty Schemes, Price Match and category wide promotion activity which often create Stacked Promotions.

Key promotional mechanics can be viewed separately or combined to give you the total picture of the category and individual product promotional activity including:

  • Stacked Promotions/Lowest Price – combines all promotions available against a product or category to give you the lowest unit price.
  • Loyalty Single Unit Price – allows you to view just single price point offers separate from other promotional mechanics.
  • Loyalty Multibuy Unit Price – allows you to view multibuy offers just from ‘conditional’ loyalty card schemes
  • Primary Single Unit Price – single price cuts including Save £, Save %, Half Price etc (excluding loyalty offers)
  • Multibuy Unit Price – £x for £y, x for y volume, Bogof etc (excluding loyalty multibuys)
  • Reward schemes flagged.
  • Price Match
  • Regional promotions captured
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What is Promotion Tracking?

Promotion tracking enables monitoring and analysis of competitors’ pricing strategies, internal promotions, discounts and promotional activities. It allows users to gain valuable insights into price and promotional trends.

Promotion tracking is used for analysing data from multiple sources, including online platforms, physical stores, and market research. By tracking promotions, you can identify and track market trends, build strategies and make data-driven decisions to sustain a competitive advantage.

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Sustain a Competitive Advantage with Our In-store & Online Promotion Tracker

Promotion monitoring provides valuable insights that help you improve, build, and optimise your promotion strategies. Here are some key areas where promotional tracking can significantly impact:

  • Promotional Trends – analysing promotional trends helps you optimise your campaigns and drive more sales
  • Market Share and Reach – promotion monitoring allows you to track your market share and reach compared to competitors, identifying opportunities to expand your customer base
  • Customer Engagement – promotional insights help you tailor your marketing efforts to meet customer needs and preferences
  • Brand Awareness – monitoring competitors’ promotional activities provides insights into building brand awareness and increasing recognition among customers
  • Sales Performance – promotion tracking enables you to evaluate the impact of promotions on sales performance, identifying the most revenue-driving promotion
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Data Direct from The Store and Specifically For You

Assosia offers a comprehensive set of tools and insights to help you stay ahead of your competitors in the market. 

Alerting of Competitor Promotions

Our promotion software updates users with real-time alerts for competitor promotions. We provide timely notifications whenever your competitors launch new promotions, allowing you to stay informed and react quickly.

Daily Alerts for New Promotions

With Assosia’s promotion tracking, you can receive daily alerts highlighting any new promotions your competitors introduced. This feature ensures that you are always up to date with the latest promotional activities in your industry.

Searchable Historical Archives of Promotional Activities

We maintain a searchable database of historical promotional activities. You can access and analyse past promotions to identify trends, compare and understand your competitors’ strategies, and gain valuable insights for future campaigns.

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Up-to-Date Data for Total Visibility

The speed at which you can spot promotional activity and trends directly impacts your ability to react effectively. With real-time data, you can quickly identify new promotions launched by your competitors and stay informed about the latest market trends.

With up-to-date data, you can be proactive rather than reactive, gaining a competitive edge by being one step ahead of your competitors. By promptly adapting your pricing strategies and promotional activities, you can attract customers, maximise profitability, achieve and maintain a strong market presence.

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With our comprehensive promotion tracking solution, you can ensure that all your products are meticulously tracked across different channels and mediums. 

This means you won’t miss a beat when it comes to monitoring your competitors’ promotional activities. By having a complete view of the market, you can make informed decisions and stay one step ahead of the competition.

But flexibility goes beyond just tracking all your products. We believe in the power and value of targeted strategies in promotion activities. That’s why our tools allow you to collect only the relevant data that aligns with your specific goals. By focusing on the data that matters most to you, you can create highly targeted, creative and effective promotional campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

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Reporting and Data Validation

Our experienced account managers will guide you on how to access and view your internal promotions and promotion monitoring data, with the capability to adapt our delivery methods to match any internal requirements.

Besides secure and user-friendly online access to a wealth of data, reports, analytics and visual assets, we also offer the convenience of 24/7 reporting to meet your business needs. What sets us apart is our flexibility to tailor our data delivery methods, ensuring they align seamlessly with your internal protocols.

Our thorough data validation processes ensure the highest level of accuracy in the information and analytics.

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Photographs Allow You to Build A Full In-Store Picture

Quality photographs taken during each visit provide valuable insights for promotional activities. By having a full in-store picture, you can assess and measure the effectiveness of your promotions and make data-driven decisions to optimise their strategies. Here’s how it can help:

  • Shows full range in-store: By capturing photographs of the entire product range in-store, you visually assess the presentation and positioning of their promotional items. This ensures all relevant products are prominently displayed and attract customer attention.
  • Individual SKU detail: Detailed photographs of individual SKUs allow you to closely analyse the visibility and placement of specific products within the store. This information helps identify areas for improvement and optimise the positioning of promotional items.
  • In-Store Promotions: Photographs of in-store promotions provide a visual record of how promotional materials are displayed and communicated to customers. You can review these photographs to ensure the promotions are effectively implemented and convey the intended message.
  • New Product Launches: Capturing photographs of new product launches allows you to evaluate the impact and success of these promotions. By visually documenting the presence and positioning of new products, you assess customer interest and make informed decisions for future launches.
  • Positioning of products in-store: Photographs help understand how your promotional items are positioned about competitors’ products. By comparing visuals of product placement, you can identify opportunities to differentiate your offerings and stand out from the competition.
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How do I subscribe to the Online Promotion Tracking Tool?

We make it easy. Let us know which sector, categories and/or retailers interest you, and we will take care of the rest.

  • Face-to-face meetings or full demonstrations via WebEx are available
  • Discuss your specific requirements
  • Free 7-day trial after the demonstration is completed
  • After subscribing, get instant access to your categories, data, reports and alerts

Contact us now to arrange a full demonstration of our truly omnichannel Online Promotion Tool for retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.



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