Sustain A Competitive Advantage With Our Instore Price Tracker

Tailored to your specific requirements, we’ll provide you with insight into each category.

  • Daily Price & In Store Promotion Trackers
  • Customised Product Matching
  • NPD Alerts
  • Gap Analysis
  • Impact of POS and in-store theatre
  • Secondary/Featured space location details
statistical analysis with 3-D graph showing rapid growth

Data direct from store and specifically for you

We’ll give you additional insight and analysis, including:

  • Capturing hierarchies down to sku level
  • Monitoring price strategies with competitor pricing activity
  • Product and Range Positioning
  • Pack weight and ingredient changes
  • Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly reports
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Our clients have the flexibility to make changes throughout the duration of a project should the focus of activity change. You can:

  • Update and change instructions on a regular basis
  • Revise and update product lists
  • Include additional categories
  • Stores reviewed and changed if required
  • Frees up internal resources



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Reporting and Data Validation

Our experienced account managers will guide you on how best to access and view your price monitoring data, with the capability to adapt our delivery methods to match any internal requirements.

  • Secure and easy online access to data, reports and photographs
  • Reporting available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Ability to cross-analyse with internal data sources as required
  • Our data validation checks will give you the peace of mind on accuracy of information supplied.



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Photographs allow you to build a full in-store picture

Quality photographs taken during each visit, giving you the capability to build the full in-store picture.

  • Shows full range in-store
  • Individual sku detail
  • In Store Promotions
  • New Product Launches
  • Positioning of products in-store


price tag under a magnifying glass - promotion tracker

Working with Assosia?

It’s easy – simply talk to us about which retail sectors and channels you are interested in for your business structure. We will plan a price & promotion tracking programme specifically for you.

  • Programme can be up and running in 1-2 weeks from agreed brief
  • The reports and alerts will be designed to meet your needs
  • We’ll keep you abreast of everything affecting your sector
  • We’ll work in partnership to achieve your goals
  • Provide accurate, robust and on-time data/reports
  • Free up internal resources



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