As a third party independent agency our role is to provide unprejudiced and impartial information.  We ensure all our clients have the information and tools they need to deliver their business objectives.  We track in-store and on-line price and promotional activity, help drive quality initiatives and procedures both within their own organisations, and throughout the whole supply chain.

We provide services for retailers, manufacturers and suppliers, so whether you offer the consumer products or services, Assosia can provide you and your company with only the most relevant services that will supply you with the information you need to drive forward quality initiatives. By working closely together, your dedicated account manager will come to be as passionate and dedicated towards your brands and products as you are.

Assosia supply data and fortnightly articles to The Grocer, and are considered one of the leading authorities for retail research by many media channels, including The BBC, The Telegraph, The Guardian, as well as numerous radio stations.

Sectors & Channels

Our global field team and in-house analysts are able to provide insight across any sector, channel or category.

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Case Studies

From the thousands of projects we have conducted for our clients globally, we have chosen a small selection of projects to give you some insight into the various services Assosia provide.

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What Our Clients Say