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Price Tracking Platform

Are you getting the full pricing picture from your current data provider?

  • Assosia’s proprietary data systems provide reporting on the full promotional stack, reacting immediately to new mechanics!
  • Our in-house data capture system gives full control over data quality and can adapt quickly to changes in new promotional mechanics.

They Trust Us

Cutting-edge Data Capture,

Bespoke Insights

We react faster to the changing promotional landscape, ensuring clients receive information on new activity when it’s launched. Not to forget nine years of promotional history included.

We are an international insight tracking, retail research and quality assurance specialist. Trusted by the world’s leading FMCG and CPG companies, our consumer insights provide retail brands, manufactures and suppliers with everything they need to know to accurately capture and monitor their performance and maximise ROI’s across commerce sectors.

Pricing Tool

Our proprietary technology provides online and in-store data, offering you all the retail insights to…

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Promotion Tracking Tool

Accurately evaluate and monitor the impact of promotional activities and take advantage of promotional opportunities with Assosia’s promotion tracker.

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Assosia’s platforms provide you and your company with retail insight programmes you need to plan…

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Inflation Tracking

Retail audits for a better customer experience and streamline retail operations. Our retail auditing solutions…

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Retail Benchmarking

Quality retail benchmarking to help businesses with brand positioning and gap analysis. Our benchmark retail…

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Product Sampling & Monitoring

We are global specialists in product sampling and competitor monitoring. We go to stores and…

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  • 7,000+ Global Field Team
  • 100+ Countries
  • Total Market Measurement
  • 200+ Field Managers
  • Local Marketplace Expertise
  • Targeted Data Insights




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