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Industry Glossary and Keywords.

Supermarket Aisle with Trolley

When managing a business is common to come across different acronyms and terms. To help you in this task, we’ve created the glossary so you can identify the definition of everything you need.

In addition, Assosia provides retail business information on our articles’ page and some insights into the market with the pricing and promotional data collected in the Price & Promotion Platform.

Check below the definition for some of the most recurrent keywords and acronyms in retail market:

instore shelves filled with chocolate confectionary

Shelfs & aisles management

  • SEL – Shelf Edge Label: These are the small pricing labels on the edge of the shelf below the product.
  • Promotional SEL: Small pricing labels on the edge of the shelf below the product showing the promotional offer.
  • SRP – Shelf Ready Packaging
  • Bay: A set of shelves within an aisle.
  • MOD – another term used for Bay
  • Power Aisle: The central aisle in the supermarket between 2 sets of aisles and surrounded by gondola ends.
  • Seasonal Aisle: This is the aisle where all seasonal products are situated, i.e. Christmas, Easter and Summer.
  • Till Aisle: This is the aisle where all the tills are located.

Part of the management instore is ensuring products are available and displayed for customers. Verify how you can maintain your shelves and aisles on point with On-Shelf Availability Studies and Merchandising / POS Placement.

supermarkets shelves filled with cans of custard

Price & Promotion

  • SKU – Stock Keeping Unit: SKU is another term for product, it is a way of differentiating between slightly different products, i.e. Coca-Cola 2L bottle and Coca-Cola 500ml bottle are different skus although they are the same recipe.
  • Facings: These are SKUs on shelf turned out towards the customer.
  • POS – Point of Sale: These are any promotional material used in store which notifies consumers that a product is on promotion and what the promotion is.
  • Gondola End: These are located at the end of an aisle. They are often used for promotional activity or new product launches.
Discount Supermarket Fizzy Drinks Offer Section
  • Ladder Rack: This is a display normally located next to a gondola end, they are often used for promotional activity or new product launches.
  • Bin Cage: These are found within any aisle and are used to place products inside, which are usually on promotion.
  • Off-Fixture: Products which are not situated in the regular aisle, i.e. Gondola End, FSDU’s and other in-store displays. Check out a case of Off Fixture Space Audits for a leading biscuit manufacturer.
  • FSDU – Free Standing Display Unit: Unit branded just for one product.
  • RSP – Retail Selling Price
  • SRP – Suggested Retail Price
  • RRP – Recommended Retail Price
  • ISP – In-Store Price

Price and promotions within the store are decisions that can provide better performance with the use of daily trackers, alerts and gap analysis. Check our Price & Promotion Tracking in Store page for more information on how the technology could help you improve.