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Global Trade Sampling Study of Pickled Asparagus From Spain

Global Trade Sampling


  • Assosia were commissioned to conduct global product sampling analysis by purchasing 19 different brands of pickled asparagus from Spain.
  • Our client required the products the be split across 3 different batch codes and to purchase 90 jars of each brand.


  • Our field team in Spain collected product samples from various supermarkets to find out which products and batch codes were available in the marketplace.
  • Once the in-store research was completed, our teams visited each of the stores and purchased the products required.
  • Photographs were taken for each product before they was securely packed and shipped to our client’s offices in the UK and France.


  • From our global trade sampling study we collected 1,710 products from the Spanish market.
  • The samples we sent were used to conduct research and testing across our client’s competitor ranges.