What We Do

We are an international retail research and quality assurance specialist. Trusted by the world’s leading FMCG and CPG companies, our consumer insights provide retail brands, manufactures and suppliers with everything they need to know to accurately capture and monitor their performance and maximise ROI’s across commerce sectors.


Through our range of services and programmes, Assosia can provide you and your company with…

Retail Auditing

Working in collaboration with both retailers and manufacturers/suppliers, Assosia are able to provide full in-store…

Retail Benchmarking

Focus on brand positioning, gap analysis & sales vs space studies

Quality Assurance

Total support for crisis management, product recalls & customer complaint management

Product Sampling and Monitoring

We are global specialists in product sampling and competitor monitoring. We go to stores and…

We Are Global

For over 12 years, helping our clients enhance their brands performance in 100+ countries.

  • 7,000+ Global Field Team
  • 200+ Field Managers
  • 100+ Countries
  • Local Marketplace Expertise
  • Total Market Measurement

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