New Product Development

Providing guidance and insight to aid your new product development.

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New product development – key insights

Our consumer insight and retail market research will guide your new product development (NPD) and testing environment. Our insights will cover:

  • Testing the viability of a new product concept
  • Refining the design and structure of a new product
  • Modifying an existing product
  • Estimating the potential size of the market share
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Our 5 step NPD and testing programme

Regardless of the product or service you are looking to develop, we will follow our proven five step development process. This includes:

  • Idea Generation
  • Idea Screening
  • Concept Development & Testing
  • Business Analysis
  • Market Testing
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Price Promotion Tracking

Range of services available

Assosia can provide a wide range of services to aid your new product development (NPD) and testing process. This covers:

  • Detailed consumer research
  • Retail market research studies

This information gives us a clear indication as to the viability of your product in the competitive retail world.

Data analysis

Reporting and data validation

Our experienced Account Managers will guide you on how best to access the results.

  • Secure and easy online access to data and reports
  • Reporting available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week
  • Results can be supplied back in any format required
  • Summary PowerPoint presentations
  • Interactive charts allowing for quick review


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Working with Assosia?

It’s easy – simply talk to us about your NPD requirements and we will implement a programme specifically for you.

  • Programme can be up and running within 1-2 weeks from agreed brief
  • Reports designed to meet your needs
  • We’ll work in partnership to achieve your goals
  • Provide accurate, robust and on-time data/reports
  • Free up internal resources