The grocery sector is an extremely competitive market to be a part of. This sector is a major contributor the UK economy, with a total value of £358 billion (based on sales in 2016). The grocery sector consists of various retailer channels; including major multiples, convenience and discounters.


In recent years, growth in the grocery market has been difficult for certain channels, with increasingly lower pricing enabling consumers to spend less and get more from their grocery shopping. With the rise of discount and convenience retailers increasing their sales growths, it is a far more competitive industry than it was in the past. Now, multiples must improve their pricing strategies and defend their share of the market.


Retailers are constantly having to monitor competitor strategies and work hard to ensure their business stands out from the rest. Due to the large increase in sales across the convenience and discounter channels, it is highly important for the major multiples to remain as competitive as possible, so as to avoid loss of sales. Better shopping experiences and sharper pricing strategies need to be used to fight back against these modern challenges.


With our comprehensive in-store auditing services and market analysis, we care able to provide our clients with important real-time information and insights into what is happening across the grocery sector. Assosia can provide full analysis and insights on a daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis, according to preference. This ensures that you are always kept up-to-date with competitor price and promotion tracking strategies and in-store activity.

Services for the Grocery sector