Food is consumed and purchased daily, which makes it an essential part of everyday life and means that it is an exceptionally fast-paced and ever-changing industry. The food industry covers a multifaceted network of activities, including the supply, consumption and catering of consumables. The industry employs a huge number of both skilled and unskilled workers year on year and as such, is a hugely important sector.


The food sector covers many different categories. There are always price and promotional offers to look out for, so it is a highly competitive industry. Furthermore, NPD at the store level needs to be monitored.


The food sector is made up of a complex network of diverse businesses which supply food that is consumed all around the world. The global food industry is dominated by a number of big players – namely large, powerful multinationals. Supermarkets are the defining retail element of the food industry, with tens of thousands of products gathered in one location, in a continuous, all-year-round supply.


Assosia can tailor a robust programme to provide you with the insight and analysis you need across your category as well as others. We can provide the full analysis and insight services on a regular basis – either daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on your preference. Our services will keep you updated with the latest changes occurring across your categories, so that you never miss any key promotions, NPDs or price changes being made by your competitors.

Services for the Food sector