What are retail concessions? 

An in-concession space operates within a larger host store. Leading brands will invite smaller brands to partner with them, allowing them to set up a scaled-down version of their own retail stores among larger brands and locations.


What are the benefits of concession retail? 

The traditional, standalone store model has become less sustainable when footfall on the high street has dropped. Smaller businesses are driven away from physical stores.   

Blending online and in-person shopping experiences 

Concession stores combine online retail and physical stores in response to this demand. They allow the multi-brand experience of online shopping to be translated into an in-person experience,

 High footfall 

 Concession stores are typically located in high-traffic areas, such as supermarkets and shopping centres. This gives brands increased visibility and the opportunity to interact with potential customers.  

 Low risk, high return 

 Retail concession is an attractive lower-risk store model. Unlike a traditional retail store, a concession store does not require a long-term lease,

Although brands must still pay rent and often even a percentage of their takings to the larger host brand. It helps the cost of opening and operating a lively store with the benefit of brand appeal. 

 Concession in retail benefits 

Concession stores can provide larger brands with an income through rent and a percentage of profits, this can in turn promote products and exposure for smaller brands.  


Concession retail insights 

Concession stores are a successful model due for building a strong relationship between the brand and its consumers. 

 The best concession stores will take advantage of this. Operating a smaller store also allows brands to deliver a more personalised, exclusive experience that consumers cannot find online.   

Marketing trends such as offering exclusive products, deals and complimentary gifts are all common features of retail concessions. These all encourage brands to form a more intimate relationship with the consumer.   


Retail concession UK

 Many high street brands today are choosing to switch to concession stores. Examples of concession stores in the UK include Habitat in Sainsbury’s, Costa Coffee in Next and many other stores and Mothercare concessions within Boots. 

 In the case of Habitat in Sainsbury’s, operating a concession space within larger retailers has significantly increased their sales.


Retail concession audit

Retail concessions and department stores are an ideal way to diversify your business and achieve a true omnichannel business model, but to implement the concession mode, you should seek advice and careful consideration of your brand’s needs.  

For advice on investing in a concession store, pricing tool for concession stores or getting started with involving your brand with a department store, contact Assosia today. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you get started successfully. 


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