European POS Placement Analysis For Oral Care Products

POS Placement Analysis : Oral Care Products

A German client asked us to purchase oral care products from six european supermarkets and pharmacies. The data was utilised in a POS placement analysis at their HQ.


  • Purchase all products within the oral-care range from supermarkets and pharmacies outlets across the UK, France, Spain, Russia, Poland and Italy so our client can replicate the different in-store layouts.


  • Our client sent the purchasing request through their dedicated online ordering system.
  • Once the order was received, Assosia HQ allowed the appropriate field team to begin the purchasing of oral-care products.
  • The team purchased 3 of each product as requested by our client, securely packaged and shipped to our client’s office in Germany.
  • Full bay photographs were taken from each store.


  • All products arrived at the required location within the timeframes.
  • By purchasing all the products from the oral-care range and taking photographs, our client was able to conduct an extensive POS placement analysis. This allowed them to replicate the exact layout for each supermarket and pharmacies
  • It also enabled them to review their instore planograms