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Space vs Sales Studies

Helping to prove your brands offer a greater return on sales than your rivals.

Measuring performance

Increase your Brand Space In-store

Are you looking to gain more space for your products within key retailers and prove your products offer a greater return on sales? Our Space vs. Sales service will provide you with the insight you need at store level.

  • Open or covert audits
  • Measure the total space allocated to your category
  • Measure space at brand and sku level
  • Cross-analyse the actual space vs volume and value sales
  • Results broken down into specific hierarchies for categories, sub-categories, brands, OL and down to sku level
On Shelf Availability Studies
On Shelf Availability Studies

Benefits of using our Space vs. Sales Studies

Our Space vs. Sales studies offers many benefits to both retailers and suppliers, including

  • Fully analyse the category or sub-category your brands belong to
  • Assist you with a solid business case for increasing your brands space across stores
  • Retailers – within their own outlets, this service will highlight categories in need of review based on maximising sales return on space, including which sku’s should have the most space
  • Suppliers – will help maximise your product range by proving your brands are more profitable than you competitors, increasing revenue for both you and the retailer
Monthly sales report
Colorful sales charts and graphs with a pen

Reporting and Analysis

Our dedicated account management team will guide you through the data and reports, ensuring you can quickly react to the data captured.

  • Analysis provided, including recommendations on which categories and skus to focus on
  • Reports showing which products and categories are underperforming based on % of space allocated vs the % of volume sales the category or sku accounts for
  • Interactive charts allowing easy analysis
  • Reports created at retailer and category level
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Working with Assosia?

It’s easy – simply talk to us about merchandising requirements and we will guide you through our best practice.

  • Programme implemented within 1-2 weeks
  • Reports created in a format that suits you
  • Quick turnaround on reporting and in-store visits
  • Summary PowerPoint presentations created, including interactive charts

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