Dedicated range review programmes

Assosia can implement a range review programme to provide you with all the insight you need to monitor each retailer’s ranges in-store.

  • Current stock in store
  • Pre-range review surveys to ensure the planned changes can be implemented
  • Establish exact in-store layout
  • Post audit review to ensure the fixture has been implemented correctly
  • Arrange an appointment with the relevant store personnel to review the head office plan in advance and record any variances.
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Why retailer range reviews are essential

To remain competitive, retailers continually have to monitor and assess their product ranges in line with their customer’s needs. It helps suppliers ensure they maximise the space allocated to their ranges.

  • Opportunity for supplier and retailer to build upon working relationship
  • Improve the experience of the consumer
  • Remain competitive
  • Assosia can help you to achieve ‘Right range, Right store’
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Reporting and Analysis

Our dedicated account management team will analyse the data we capture from in-store and provide you with reports you need for in-depth retail analysis

  • Reports created by retailer and category
  • Raw data provided in Excel, allowing for data manipulation and further analysis
  • Space and sales analysed to help best design the new planograms, maximising ROI
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Working with Assosia?

It’s easy, simply contact us with your range review requirements and we will ensure a programme is set up to provide you with the insight you need.

  • Secure and easy online access to sales data and reports
  • Summary presentations created by retailer
  • Capability to create ad-hoc and ongoing programmes
  • Dedicated account management team
  • Free internal resources
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