Programmes to suit you

Ensuring your products are seen in a good condition by consumers is important, we can design a FPQM programme to suit your requirements.

  • Observe packaging conditions in-store across your range of products
  • Report any defects found, including dirty and ripped packaging, dented cans, misaligned printing
  • Take photographs of any defects, as well as purchasing and removing from shelf
  • Ensure stock rotation is being implemented in each store on shelf
  • Confirm whether old or out-dated packaging is still being displayed
  • Track batch codes on shelf
  • Conduct audits across a representative sample of each retailer, allowing to act as a benchmark
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Additional Values

We’ll give you additional insight and analysis, including:

  • Purchase products not fit for sale to prevent waste and consumer dissatisfaction
  • Assess your competitors products to set a benchmark for quality on-shelf, and where you fit within that
  • Check distribution and storage of your products from point of manufacture to point of sale
Quality Improvement Analysis


Our clients have the flexibility to make changes throughout the duration of a project should the focus of activity change.

  • Update and change instructions on a regular basis
  • Revise and update defect list based on previous findings
  • Focus activity on key locations or retailers with the highest defect rates
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Reporting and Data Validation

Our experienced account managers will guide you on how best to access and view your data, with the capability to adapt our delivery methods to match any internal requirements.

  • Reports created in a format that suits you, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • We’ll provide insight into your packaging quality vs that of your competitors
  • PowerPoint presentations providing a summary of defects
  • Analysis provided at retailer, brand and sku level
Man analysising business and financial reports

Photographs allow you to build the full in-store picture

Quality photographs taken during each visit, giving you the capability to see your products at point of sale.

  • Total bay photographs showing layout in store
  • Each packaging defect will be individually photographed
  • Storage conditions
  • Competitor products
Retail Market Research

Working with Assosia?

It’s easy – simply talk to us about your packaging issues and we will set up a project which will give you the best insight into the defects found at store level.

  • Programme can be up and running within 1 week of agreed brief
  • PowerPoint presentations providing a summary of defects
  • Working in partnership to achieve your goals
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