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Price Benchmarking Against 2 Major Multiples Across Non-Food Categories

We conducted pricing audits on non-food category products so our client could competitively benchmark their products against their main competitors


  • Price benchmarking against 2 major multiples across the various non-food categories.
  • Our client provided Assosia with the criteria for exact match types as well as like-for-like comparisons.
  • We were also sent a full product list containing 1730 lines to match against.

MethodologyPrice Benchmarking on behalf a major multiple 1

  • Audits were conducted covertly.
  • Using the match types and product list provided by the client, our field team recorded the match type, barcode, description and selling price for each product on the list.


  • Full results for exact matches and like-for-like comparisons were provided back to the client in Excel as requested. This allowed them to analyse the data internally and decide whether there were any opportunities to include additional products within their range.


  • Results were delivered to our client in excel format with pre-defined pivot tables.
  • All reports and photographs were uploaded to our clients dedicated DMS (Document Management Server) for easy, but secure access.

Exact match criteria guide

Price Benchmarking on behalf a major multiple 3        Price Benchmarking on behalf a major multiple 2