Deals start to dry up at the mults as % savings also fall

The Grocer

Shoppers were faced with a dearth of deals last month,with both the number of offers and savings down across the major supermarkets, latest data reveals.

Almost all the major mults cut the number of featured space promotions in stores last month, with the exception of the Co-op, where deals were up by 0.85% month on month [Promo Dynamic Retailers, 4 w/e 12 February 2017].

Average % savings were also down across the board compared with the previous four-week period, with the exception of Morrisons (up 3.4%) and Sainsbury’s (2.1%).

Most supermarkets also offered fewer featured space promotions than last year, with the exception of the C-op (up 7.8%) and Sainsbury’s (10.4%), while Asda was the only major mult to offer a higher average % saving (11.8%) than a year ago.

“With a lot of uncertainty in overall product pricing and changes in promotional strategies, it’s not surprising to see both the number of offers available and % savings down,” says Assosia director Kay Staniland.

“Asda and Tesco show significant drops in the number of offers, down over 7% and 6% respectively in the same periods year on year, with Waitrose showing the greatest decline of 10%. Sainsbury’s shows average savings down 7.2%, Tesco down just over 9% and Waitrose 18.2% less than last year.”

The majority of retailers continue to show “clear moves” towards increased single promotional price points, such as price cuts, half-price or special purchase deals, Staniland adds.

“Morrisons and Tesco have around 85% of their offers on single price point promotions, while Sainsbury’s is leading the way with 91.3%.”

Waitrose and Asda bucked the trend, with single price points accounting for 78% of total featured space promotions in Waitrose, down from 94% last year, and 70.71% of deals in Asdam down from 71.98%.

Featured Space Analysis Conducted by Assosia Ltd

Number of offers23518282148273421561346
Number last month23588212195288822351393
% change m-o-m-0.30%0.85%-2.14%-5.33%-3.53%-3.37%
Number last year25307682196247623001496
% change on last year-7.08%7.81%-2.19%10.42%-6.26%-10.03%
Average start price (£) per UNIT£2.48£2.97£2.57£3.26£2.86£4.19
Typical Average TOTAL £ saving£1.38£1.39£1.41£1.29£1.37£1.84
Typical Average TOTAL % saving30.4%33.1%33.9%28.6%32.0%31.6%
Average % saving last month30.9%33.6%32.8%28.0%32.1%33.2%
% savings change m-o-m-1.45%-1.64%3.40%2.12%-0.34%-4.80%
Average % saving last year27.2%34.7%34.6%30.8%35.2%38.6%
% savings change on last year11.78%-4.71%-1.98%-7.19%-9.13%-18.21%
Current Brand:own-label ratio92:0872:2889:1179:2184:1686:14
Ratio 1 year ago89:1173:2789:1180:2083:1791:09
Average % saving (branded)31.2%34.7%34.6%29.7%32.9%31.6%
Average % saving (o/l)21.6%28.8%28.3%24.0%27.0%31.5%


Published in The Grocer, 02 March 2017