Shoppers are set to get a better deal on Easter Eggs this year – with promotions on sweet treats rocketing in the mults.

Ambient confectionery accounted for almost 15% of featured space promotions in the major supermarkets last month, with the number of deals in the category up by 18.9% when compared with the same period last year [4 w/e 1 April 2019].

“Ambient confectionery is prominent across retailers, either being number one or two in the most promoted sub-categories in each retailer,” says Assosia director Kay Staniland. “Whilst this is not surprising in the run-up to Easter, the number of offers has increased in some retailers quite significantly.”

In Asda, deals on ambient confectionery were up by 21.1% year on year, while in Tesco they were up by 36.6%, in Morrisons by 17.1% and in Waitrose by 10%.

Shoppers aren’t necessarily saving more on Easter eggs though, with average savings on ambient confectionery remaining on a par with last year at around 27.6%.

It comes amid a wider increase in promotional activity across the major supermarkets over recent weeks. “All except Sainsbury’s have shown an increase in the number of offers available on featured space promotions vs both last year and last month,” says Staniland. However, most of the mults have slashed average savings on promotions compared with last year, with the exception of Asda.

Save deals are still prominent, but Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose have all increased x for y promotions compared with last year, which could be a bid to increase volume sales, suggests Staniland.

Morrisons has increased its use of multibuys the most, with x for y deals now accounting for 28.9% of its offers versus 14.2% last year.

Published in The Grocer, 11 April 2019


Number of offers24928592153233923121236
Number last month23878022127217022871073
% change m-o-m4.40%7.11%1.22%7.79%1.09%15.19%
Number last year23407882105253621941200
% change on last year6.50%9.01%2.28%-7.77%5.38%3.00%
Average start price (£) per UNIT£3.54£3.76£4.19£5.67£4.28£5.84
Typical Average TOTAL £ saving£1.20£1.29£1.52£1.28£1.36£1.82
Typical Average TOTAL % saving27.2%31.6%30.2%24.6%30.1%27.4%
Average % saving last month28.0%32.8%31.3%26.0%30.4%25.8%
% savings change m-o-m-2.80%-3.62%-3.51%-5.55%-0.93%6.56%
Average % saving last year27.2%34.7%32.5%27.8%31.8%28.4%
% savings change on last year0.17%-8.98%-7.26%-11.65%-5.20%-3.30%
Current Brand:own-label ratio92:0877:2390:1089:1187:1390:10
Ratio 1 year ago91:0975:2589:1181:1985:1590:10
Average % saving (branded)28.3%34.8%31.2%25.4%30.7%27.6%
Average % saving (o/l)15.8%20.7%20.9%17.4%26.2%25.9%
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