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Product Distribution Compliance Audits For Carrefour Outlets

Product distribution compliance audits for French Carrefour outlets.

Assosia were commissioned to check product distribution compliance across 48 Carrefour outlets. Our field team collected distribution data for 4 individual products lines for our client to assess.



  • Assosia were commissioned to conduct product distribution and promotional compliance audits across 48 Carrefour outlets for 4 of our clients products.


  • Audits were conducted covertly
  • On arrival the field team located the ‘Free From’ or ‘Dietetic’ department and confirmed whether our clients products were available on shelf
  • Our team recorded the price and promotion for each of our clients products.
  • For products which were not located in the right fixture, our teams looked around the store to confirm whether they had been sited elsewhere.
  • On this occasion, our teams were not required to correct the compliance in-store.
  • Photographs were taken on each visit.


  • Of the 48 store results provided to our client, 20% did not stock any of our clients products, 2% only stocked 1 and 4% only stocked 3 of the 4 sku’s available.
  • Full results and raw data was provided to the client, allowing them to speak to the customer and find out causes of why distribution was fairly poor.