Promotional Compliance

Who would use this service?

  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Financial institutions
  • Market research agencies
  • Advertising agencies

When your company has invested a vast sum of money in launching a new product promotion supported by expensive high profile marketing, it is essential that the promotion is being implemented on-shelf in stores the planogram compliance is 100%.

The outlets you supply to may reassure you that the promotion will be implemented to the exact planogram nationwide, but is each store actually complying with the terms of the promotion to ensure maximum exposure to the consumer? Has the full planogram been complied with? Are shelf edge labels clearly visible? Is promotional literature easily accessible? Are store staff aware of the mechanics of the promotion and passing this crucial information on to the consumer at the checkout?

If key stores are not complying, then the investment in advertising/marketing has very little value when the promotion is not visible to the consumer when they are making the decision to purchase within your product category.

Assosia can assist you by conducting in-store promotional compliance reviews to establish whether the terms of your promotion are being acknowledged by the retailer and allocated to the agreed purchased featured space.

Why use this service?

  • To establish whether promotional strategies are being executed effectively
  • To determine whether all outlets are complying with the terms of the promotion

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