Price & Promotion Tracking

Price & Promotion Tracking

Unlike companies who gather their data simply by scraping/trawling other websites, Assosias Price & Promotion Tracking service captures data direct from store and specifically for you.

The “Devil is in the Details” (the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly) – a comment we have heard several times recently from new clients who have switched from an online price & promotion tracking provider to Assosia's services instead.

Our feet on the ground approach provides our clients with so much more detail about their categories overall.  Price & Promotion Tracking is the starting point - or top line minimum requirements for our clients - the real detail and value then comes from the ability to drill down to everything else that can impact on their brands or products on-shelf – from competitor monitoring, product and range positioning, the impact of shelf edge labels and promotional pos, featured space locations, changes to packaging and monitoring of ingredients etc.

Photographs are supplied for all retailers showing the full range and layouts for your categories, individual sku’s, promotional activity and new product launches.  Everything is available via a dedicated DMS (Document Management Server) – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All the above information is provided by Assosia as standard with our Price and Promotion Tracking service. 

Why choose Assosia?

Our Total Market Measurement packages are utilised by every department within a company.  With client teams now responsible for cross-functional activities - having one service provider who can fulfil all those needs is critical in ensuring a consistent approach and methodology is used for all information and analysis provided to them.

Assosia's Total Market Measurement packages can include a combination of any of our services tailored to your requirements.  The most popular packages include:  Price & Promotion Tracking (includes full category and product detail tracking as standard), PromoDynamic Analysis, On-shelf Availability Audits, Merchandising, Sales vs Space Studies and Mystery Shopping.

No other retail agency reacts faster to your requests, add to this our comprehensive national and international coverage (over 9,000 associates globally) and you have an extremely powerful retail analysis tool at your disposal.

Our flexible approach to all our customers’ needs allows you to adapt and change your focus for any scheduled retail audits. All our clients have online reporting access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To find out how we can help you, please contact Kay Staniland or Gemma Perry on +44 (0)1708 444840 or email to arrange a meeting or for an instant quote.

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